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Fan Art

Believe it or not, the demented onion gets a lot of fans. XD And they've graciously drawn me some nice fan art, which I will post here. :D Unless the file size is too big...then I suggest going here: because it's not only got all of the McCrea fan art including many cool ones I unfortunately couldn't fit here, but other cool fan art as well of my other stuff. :D ALL ART FEATURED HERE EBLONGS TO THE PEOPLE WHO DREW IT. So there. XD

Drawn by queen-dedede

Also drawn by queen-dedede

Once again, drawn by queen-dedede XD

Drawn by DemonicSora

Drawn by dookiedragon

Also drawn by dookiedragon

Drawn by sheolies


Drawn by OrganEater


Drawn by Falconwolf

Also drawn by Falconwolf


Drawn by JD-W