Heretic's Fork



Okay, so there's a lot to be answered when it comes to a story about food people I suppose. XD Anyway, I've made a collection of frequently asked questions here as well as some that may pop up and have provided those answers. Hopefully all your curiosities will be covered. However, in the occasion that you do not find your question listed here, feel free to ask me at or (both of which I check frequently), and it may end up here at the FAQ. :D


1. Q: What the hell IS McCrea?

A: You should have been paying attention to the bios! Actually, this is a question I get asked a lot outside the site (exact wording, even), BUT I thought I would include it…just in case you really WEREN’T paying attention.

Anyway, McCrea is a wild onion, which unfortunately is a loose term used to describe several different species depending on where you are from. These include allium vineale, allium canadense, allium yalidum, cyperus bulbous, and bulbine semibarbata. However, given that McCrea is the kind of wild onions we have around here in good ol’ Kentucky, he would specifically be allium canadense. OR, pretty much one of these:

Wild onions are practically a weed more so than an actual vegetable, BUT I don’t care. They’re known for ravaging lawns all the while hiding undercover as common grass. By the time you realize they ARE onions, of course, you’ve done run them over with the lawn mower and gotten a face full of eye burning chemicals. Wild onions use this same “hiding as grass” technique to taint cows milk…

In short, wild onions are conniving, under-handed, mother-grabbing bastards…but what else would you expect from McCrea?

Now that I’ve given you an unnecessary culture lesson on wild onions, I’ll go ahead and cover what the hell everyone else is supposed to be:

- Nehemiah, yellow onion:

Yellow onions are the most common type of onion known to mankind, and are the kind you cook with more often than not.

- Sara, cherry tomato:

Long story short, a cherry tomato is the same as a regular tomato…except tinier and cuter.

-Screw, can be considered a chocolate covered pineapple: 

BUT he isn’t a REAL chocolate covered pineapple per say, so we’ll go with pineapple:

Pretty self explanatory here…

- Sarina, wild onion:

Same as McCrea, though she doesn’t show her wild onion tendencies…

- Marie, wild onion:

Same as McCrea, shows her species well.

- Jeremiah, wild onion:

There SEEMS to be a pattern here…

- Fletcher, red onion:

Not too different from the yellow onion, all for the colour really. It’s also a common onion used in cooking.

- Waldron, black radish:

As far as I know, a black radish is not too different from a regular radish except for the colour. They are, however, good for medication and healing as well as for food.

- Silas, rhubarb:

Rhubarb ironically has poisonous leaves despite being commonly used for food as well as medication. Though I find it safe to think you’d not have to worry about that with Silas regardless… 


2. Q: Why is the title “Heretic’s Fork”?

A: The heretic’s fork was a torture device commonly used by the Spanish Inquisition to interrogate potential heretics (nonreligious folk) who posed as a threat to their plight. To learn more about those specifically, I suggest going here:'s%20Fork

Then, obviously, a fork is also a utensil used for eating food…

In short, it’s a sick pun.


3. Q: What religion is McCrea?

A: He’s a fictional religion know as “Pyramidism”. Basically, the worship of the food pyramid, considering they ARE food people…


4. Q: What is Pyramidism itself like as a religion?

A: Pyramidism is a lot like Christianity. There’s several variations of it, and no real right or wrong way to go about practicing it…depending solely on your religious tolerance. Within itself, the Pyramidism McCrea features is a lot like Catholicism. Like I said, it all depends. McCrea’s specific view of Pyramidism (if you REALLY wanna get into it), though, is that the bigger your “piece” is on the pyramid, the more important you are in the world. As the sweet food is little to nothing on the pyramid, they may as well be obliterated…


5. Q: Is Pyramidism pretty much the food version on Catholicism, or various religions?

A: This question is a bit redundant by now, but it was asked prior to the FAQ and will be addressed anyway. Um, but while I based Pyramidism primarily on Catholicism, it’s not really made to be any specific religion. Honestly, it just has parts of whatever religion I fancy putting into it at the time. It also has several variations itself, much like Christianity in general.


6. Q: Are you trying to make a religious statement by this?

A: I actually wasn’t asked this, but it’s sure to come up at some point. Anyway, the answer is a blunt NO. I myself am nondenominational/Baptist, but am supportive of all organized religions as well as religious ideas.


7. Q: You say this wasn’t entirely your idea…explain the origins, please?

A: Pretty much, Beth (A.K.A. queen-dedede on deviantART) started a mass role play known as Sweetsville which featured a resistance of sweet food characters fighting for their place in primarily health food steeped society. Everyone was making characters for it, and I stepped up by making Screw as a resistance member. Of course, more people were interested in making resistance members than villains at the time, and I knew that it would be no fun without some well challenging baddies to face. So I made McCrea, deciding that religion was a nice scary subject to base a bad guy on. The rest kind of branched off from there…

As for more info on Sweetsville, I suggest going to Beth, though she doesn’t show much interest in it any longer:


8. Q: What’s the deal with Sarina?

A: Sarina is the one character of the cast that I myself DID NOT create. She was created by Starr (A.K.A. iSpazzyKitty on deviantART) for Beth’s Sweetsville RP, and became an important part of McCrea’s story.

She is McCrea’s best friend, and somewhat of a love interest. While McCrea has taken a vow of celibacy and cannot fully be with Sarina in a romantic relationship, they are still very close.

While I tried to stray away from the other Sweetsville characters to avoid copyright complications, Sarina is too wrapped up in McCrea’s story to avoid. Which is alright, I enjoy using her. She’s the light in the dark of it all. And for the record, I was given full permission to use Sarina by Starr herself, so that’s all been covered.

BTW, to learn more about Sarina from the creator herself, I suggest visiting her DA page:


9. Q: Is this based off of/inspired by Veggie Tales in any way, is this a Veggie Tales spoof, etc.?

A: Ha, no, it has nothing to do with Veggie Tales at all. Of course, the similarities do make me smile immensely.


10. Q: If they are food people, what do they eat?

A: I kinda go by the Disney “Goofy vs. Pluto” thing. Disney’s never had a problem having an anthropomorphic dog and a non-anthropomorphic dog in the same plot, so I don’t have a problem with anthropomorphic food eating non-anthropomorphic food. There’s probably all sorts of WRONG in there, but in the long run, it’s my story and I can do what I want. DEAL WITH IT. *For the record, that last statement was said in all sarcasm and should not be taken seriously*