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Issue 1, page 2

posted 2nd Jan 2011, 4:12 PM

Issue 1, page 2

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15th Oct 2010, 2:25 PM


Working again

To keep up with what all's going on, I made a forum now. It has official and fanart, character discussion, and just general chat! So it may be fun...


MEANWHILE check this out:



My friend garrenn over at DA colored it for me! As you can see, our partnership on the new comic is going to go VERY well!

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14th Oct 2010, 6:15 PM


Good and bad news...

Bad news is, I'm not finishing this version of Heretic's Fork. It's really far behind, and it has a lot of mistakes. The GOOD news is, I'm reevaluating it and making it MUCH BETTER. I'm also looking to collaborate with anyone who would like to work on it with me. The postions I need include inking and/or coloring. The only requirements are:


  • Needs to have some form of digital program. Please show me a sample of your inking or coloring from using this program.
  • You may apply for one position or both, but you gotta show me samples for whichever you pic as before mentioned.
  • This is non paying for now. If I should so decide to start selling the comic, we'll work out a deal. But until then, it's a free webcomic and will rake in no cash, so I can't pay you.


SO, if you're intresting in becoming part of the Heretic's Fork staff, please email me at!


I'll link a new journal when the new one is up. Meanwhile, this may take a while, so go read my crappy filler comic Push It To The Limit while you wait! See you then guys. <3


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13th May 2010, 1:24 PM



NO LIE. D: My computer crashed killing the majority of the script and setting us back BIG TIME. So things have been bad.


HOWEVER, I've started rewriting the script best I can and working on new pages based off of what I've still got.


VIEW EPIC SPOILERS (and I mean EPIC spoilers before you go clicking and stuff) HERE, HERE, and HERE.


IN OTHER NEWS, check us out on Drunk Duck as well as Smack Jeeves now if you feel like it. We're just whoring ourselves out everywhere now-a-days. And be sure to visit iSpazzyKitty's comic "Amber 411" here as well.

AND IF YOU'RE REALLY DESPERATE, you can check out my latest webcomic monstrosity "I Know You Wanna Hit That" exclusively on Smack Jeeves at the moment because it's a disgrace to mankind. WARNING it IS a YAOI comic...though not what you would typically call yaoi. If anything, it's the bastard "love" story of my sex fiend Fable II fan character and one of his many lovers who just happens to be a dude. :I SO THERE. Hopefully we'll get things on track again someday. can always catch me on deviantART where I look like this now:



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13th Jan 2010, 12:55 AM


There's actually news in this blog!

THAT'S RIGHT. Holy crap, when do I ever type anything useful in these?

Um, anyway, page five is done! Sort of. It's drawn, that is to say. I'm unfortunately snowed in without my laptop, so I am unable to colour it. BUT BE AWARE THAT IT IS DRAWN! That's a good thing...

ALSO, we've started posting Heretic's Fork on Drunk Duck now as well as here, so maybe it'll get a little more publicity. Sort of. So far it's been buried underneath the comics that are way better than it. We'll see how that goes...

Here's the Drunk Duck site for those who may have accounts there:

Meanwhile, I'll try and get to my laptop so page 5 can be coloured and up soon. :D

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8th Jan 2010, 8:40 PM


Time for a really big picture...


I was practicing on my new tablet and felt like sharing...

Maybe I'll eventually get good enough with it to draw the comic pages straight without may look better in the long run...

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